By Scott Gaertner

Scottsdale North is one of the most beautiful areas of the valley, in my opinion, and yet the neighborhood seems to be “forgotten territory” and disconnected from the rest of the valley and even according to Google Maps! The app actually shows the area of Scottsdale North ending 17 miles south of its actual border. I love the Scottsdale North area and have always felt that the neighborhood has been a bit neglected by the rest of the Valley. To this end, I am championing a campaign to bring awareness to Scottsdale North and help residents in the Valley of the Sun appreciate its uniqueness. By learning more about the facts of the area and coming together to connect as a community to build awareness, we can put Scottsdale North on the map… literally.
Before I explain my case though let me be clear – this is not about bringing more people or more development. I don’t think anyone wants that. This is about recognition, appreciation, and definition. It is about people understanding where you live and why you live there. Consider, if you will, Arcadia.